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Taft Avenue,
Pasay City, Metro Manila
Service Description

We provide

  • Psychological Assessment / Testing,
  • Counseling, Consultation, and
  • Human Resource Training.


Psychological Testing

This service refers to the measurement of intelligence and other aspects of personality for various purposes such as clinical diagnosis and treatment, educational placement, selection of personnel, religious formation, civil and criminal cases, and research in psychology and counseling.


Counseling and Psychotherapy

This service involves the application of specialized techniques to help our clients manage the problems of everyday adjustment in various areas of functioning such as intellectual, emotional, behavioral, interpersonal, educational, and career. Counseling can help people who have adequate intellectual abilities and healthy personality resources to  cope with challenging life events, for example, physical illness, death of a loved one, and relationship concerns at work and in their personal lives. Psychotherapy can help people with mental disorders and their families to cope with the demands of daily living.



This is a supportive service that provides information, and develops knowledge and skills among our consultees who are individuals that deal directly with persons needing psychological help. Consultees can be school counselors and other mental health professionals, educators, social workers, parents, counselors-in-training, and student-researchers in the field of counseling and psychology.

Consultation can be a collaborative and/or expert-driven process depending on your needs and preferences as our consultees.  It may focus on applied work and research in several broad domains such as counseling process and outcome, supervision and training, career counseling and development, clinical case management, prevention of mental disorders, and the promotion of mental health. 


0906 586 0624
Taft Avenue corner Arnaiz Street, Pasay City

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