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8000 Bluecross Center Makati Ave. Makati City,
Makati City, Metro Manila 1200
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Blue Royale

Blue Royale gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have the right people on your side in the event of a crisis. Our commitment to excellence and service coupled with our unmatched benefits make Blue Royale the best choice for you!

  • Your choice of hospital, clinic, pharmacy and doctor…WORLDWIDE!

  • Maximum coverage of up to US$ 2,000,000

  • Swift reimbursement of eligible charges

  • Maternity benefit

  • Worldwide Emergency Assistance

  • Emergency Evacuation Services

  • Optional Out-patient Coverage for Dental and Vision

  • Transport of Mortal Remains

  • Critical Cover Extra, which provides coverage for critical illnesses such as cancer, heart attack and stroke, is available as a rider to Blue Royale.

  • Available under Blue Royale (for infants to 65 years old) and Blue Royale Premier (66 years old and above)

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