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Bulk Shipping & Importation
Here at HBK Global Trading, we understand the headaches and worries of a small business who wants to import their items directly from China. Oftentimes, customs regulation(s), requirements/documentations, rates, and assessments change so you end up spending more than you have to.

On top of that, the headaches and trouble of getting your items cleared before they are delivered to you is a regular thing in the importation process.


Retail Shipping & Importation
Not all businesses are equipped financially to import huge quantities of a certain item, yet they still have to fulfill and abide with all of the importation regulation(s), requirements/documentations, rates, and assessments. This can be very tedious and costly for a small-medium business which is why we are here to make the process as easy as 1-2-3.
If you have shipped an item locally within Metro Manila (or within the Philippines), we do our best in making you feel as if your items are just being shipped from within the Philippines.


Need an extra cash for your cash flow until your item gets here?
We offer in house financing for your shipment until they get here. Call us for more details.


No Credit Card Payment
Now you can settle your Alibaba / Aliexpress purchases even without a credit card!


Are you new in the sourcing/purchasing field? Let us help you find the right supplier that you need. We’ll see to it that the supplier is trustworthy, legit, and credible. Call us for more details.


Item Consolidation
Most of us source our items from different suppliers and the common problem is how to get all those items into one big box so everything could be shipped out altogether. We always want to receive our items as a whole as it saves us time and shipping cost.

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