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Immigrating to the United States can be difficult. Usually, you need to be sponsored by a family member, receive a job offer from a qualified employer or be approved for a student visa to go to school in America. There is another path that allows those with financial means to move to the U.S. without such connections; the E2 investor visa program.


The E2 visa is for foreign nationals who invest a substantial amount to obtain at least 50% ownership of a U.S. business. While there is no set amount, experience dictates that the investor should put at least $100,000 USD into their new business. This amount can be raised at least partially through family members either here or in the U.S., but you must prove you obtained the funds legally.


Another requirement is that the business must be "real" and not a marginal enterprise such as a multi-level marketing scheme. This must be backed up by a solid business plan. The best way to gain approval for an E2 visa is to invest in a U.S.-based franchise. Franchises are established brands with proven business models, and are companies that are known to the US Embassy. They also provide the business plan and support necessary to enhance your chances of success in both the approval process and in running the business once you move to America.


If you are interested in owning and operating your own franchise in the U.S. and can legally obtain the funds to qualify, we can help. We are franchise brokers and are under contract with 600 of the top U.S. franchise brands across a wide range of industries. We provide free unlimited franchise consulting to match the investor with the ideal franchise to suit your passion, skills and budget. Through a proven process, we work hand in hand with you to ensure you are positioned to succeed with your new business venture.


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