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Suite 1503a West Tower PSEC exchange road,
Suite 1503a West Tower PSEC exchange road,
Pasig City, Metro Manila
Service Description

Course Description
This seminar helps you prepare a Competency-Oriented 
Training Program that will aid in proper employee orientation 
and development with guidelines on Training Needs Analysis, 
Training Program Plan, Evaluation and Training ROI 


What You Will Learn

  • The value and importance of Training in building 
    organizational capability
  • Competencies of an effective trainer
  • Process of Training Needs Analysis
  • Different types and methods of training
  • How to Develop and implement a training program based 
    on the company’s current need
  • How to Evaluate training effectiveness


Course Highlights:
1.   Building Your Training Team
2.   The Training Program Development Process
3.   Training Needs Analysis
4.   The TNA Process
5.   TNA Methodologies
6.   Identifying the Training Gap
7.   Developing the Training Plan
8.   Types of Training
9.   Training Methodology
10. Your Training Calendar
11. Training Plan, Execution & Coordination
12. Ensuring Your Training Investment (Policies & Bonds)
13. Marketing & Creating Excitement for Your Training Programs
14. Methods of Training Evaluation
15. Learner Progress Tracking & Follow-Up Trainings



For more Inquiries, please call us at (632) 6873416, 6874645, 

6874445 or (0917) 5699639, (0922) 8874445 and look for Ms. Mylene or 

Ms. Che, or email us at or Also you can check our website at

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