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Unit 701 7th floor Admiralty Building,
Madrigal Business Park, Alabang Zapote road,
Muntinlupa City, Metro Manila
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SimplyEnglish is an IELTS review center in Muntinlupa that is designed to help students attain a high level of English proficiency for the IELTS and TOEFL exams. We provide the experience needed by the students to produce the language effectively rather than have them receive the English language from long lectures and discussions.

We offer a variety of activities and lessons on the four macro skills, and we use ESL approaches to give deeper learning and to make each session meaningful.

SimplyEnglish is an accredited IELTS registration agent of IDP Australia.


SimplyEnglish opened in February 2015, and since then we have sustained a record of 100% passing rate. We welcomed IELTS candidates who failed in their previous tests, and after modified lessons and individualized classes, our students passed.

We understand that the IELTS exam is needed by those who wish to work and live in a native English speaking country, and we adhere to our mission that we promise to provide qualified teachers, proven and tested methods, and the essential materials to guarantee a passing mark in the IELTS test.


SimplyEnglish hires teachers who have the necessary credentials to teach IELTS. One of the requirements is completing the course on Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. The TESOL course is an added value because we know that our students are ESL and EFL learners, and they can learn effectively through task-based methodologies and both inductive and deductive strategies. Our teachers are sent to TESOL Asia, one of the leading TESOL membership organizations in the world, to attend a thorough training on how to be qualified providers of the English language.

SimplyEnglish teachers believe that students learn according to their own pace. Thus, we modify lessons and activities according to the learning style and pace of each student. We provide one-on-tutorials that enable us to focus on individual needs before a student decides to take the test.


SimplyEnglish has an environment conducive for learning. There is a guarantee that you learn from us because we designed a neat and spacious classroom equipped with technological devices for learning. You learn in a comfortable environment.

SimplyEnglish believes that students learn effectively in small groups. To focus on individual needs, we make sure that our students join small group sessions. Your concerns are addressed immediately.

SimplyEnglish provides a scaffolding of lectures. Each week is carefully designed to ensure that students who have a sufficient grasp of the English language can take the IELTS test after a month of review. Your time is not wasted.

SimplyEnglish provides day and night lectures to accommodate students with hectic and erratic schedules. You come to class whenever you can.

At SimplyEnglish, each student has a pigeon hole where we put additional homework. Your progress is monitored.

SimplyEnglish teachers knows that the most difficult skill to learn is Writing. Our teachers provide a two-week training on this particular productive skill to help you become better writers. You write more effectively than before.

SimplyEnglish is an accredited registration of IDP Australia, and we assist you in your exam registration.


We understand that the IELTS exam is needed by candidates who speak English as a second language and as a foreign language, and we promise to give you qualified teachers, proven and tested methods, and the essential materials to guarantee you a passing mark in the IELTS test.


The Secret to Successfully Live, Work, and Study Abroad : Score High in IELTS

Increase your chances to work, live, or study in Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, the UK and the USA. If you become successful in the process of application, you may receive immense benefits, just like P1million of net income per year!

One vital step to go abroad is to pass the the IELTS exam, a standardized English proficiency exam. While there are IELTS review centers near your neighborhood, you will want to enroll at a review center where your results are guaranteed. That’s right! Our School, SimplyEnglish,  provides a SUCCESS ENSURED PLAN!

At SimplyEnglish:

  • we increase your fluency in spoken and written English
  • we enhance your listening  and reading skills,
  • we ensure your success in the IELTS (if you fail, we will pay 30% if you retake the test),
  • we assist you in the processing of your IELTS exam,
  • we offer you free sit in,
  • in order to avoid scams, we recommend legit immigration agencies should you wish to have one, and
  • we provide you with updates on career opportunities and permanent residency abroad.


  • a whole-year access to all of our classes
  • unlimited 1-on-1 consultation for your speaking and Writing modules
  • and The Score High in IELTS manual
  • Free two(2) stubs for the Writer’s Block Workshop
  • Free processing for the IELTS exam


  • licensed English instructor
  • TESOL – certified teachers
  • TESOL trainer
  • IELTS invigilator
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