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Hello, I am reaching out to you from the CITY OF SMILES I am a local guy a Filipino with NEGRENSE descent who has an automated opportunity for you...


I am offering to you a rare opportunity to own a "TURN KEY" business, ready to be profitable out of the box for P1000 only . This is an online business that only involves " SOCIAL MEDIA" if you can do Facebook you can do this and no worries all the techy stuff has already been done for you so, if you can promote the link provided to you are already on the clear. Full and JAW DROPPING training for you to understand and use the system is included...


And the best thing about it is once you pay, the system along with all its perks are now yours that is more than P1000 that you will be paying after that everything is INCOME for you and get it instantly on your PAYPAL account..

Part time or full time it is all up to you... Business is set to earn you REPEATED 100% INSTANT PAYPAL Payments for every person who signs up to your own link that we provided for you to promote... This is literally. an automatic money machine,,,


This system will not only give you income but loads of Phenomenal Residual income... Its potential is endless and it’s really up to you...


Its creator Derek Preston has been a reputable Internet Marketer for years, and is also my teacher


The system is proven and tested by thousands of people online who made thousands of money on their paypal account instantly,,, NO BS or employee overhead thus having the tagline of " IF you can do FACEBOOK you can do this" no empty promises NO illusion but real Instant paypal payments ...NO NONSENSE all commissions go directly to your Paypal...


Take advantage of this rare opportunity for it can and will change your life....No worries guys It was created by the owner of its English counter part MY INSTANT PAYS google youtube and see. IT IS REAL!!!

For Inquiries email me @ myinstantpaysjiffy@gmail.com

I will reply as soon as I can.... see you on the other side,

Jiffy Rando

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