350sqm Lot Phuket Mansions 72months to pay w/o interest

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Residential Lot: 350sqm
Subdivision: Phuket Mansions
Price: Php 9,257,500

Payment Option
1. Spot Cash Payment with 22% Discount
Price: 9,257,500
Less 22% Discount: 2,036,650
Net Contract Price: 7,220,850

2. Special Bank Financing
Less:19% Discount 1,758,925
Net Price: 7,498,575

Spot 10% Downpayment: 749,857.50
Less: Reservation Fee  50,000
Net Downpayment: 699,857.50 Payable within 30days

90% Balance 6,748,717.50  up to 10 years to pay bank financing at 83,196/month ( base on the estimated 8% interest rate per annum)


3. Special Promo- up to 6 years to pay without interest

Spot 10% Downpayment 925,750

Less Reservation Fee: 50,000

Net Downpayment : 875,750 ( Payable within 30 days)
90% Balance: 8,331,750 up to 6 years to pay without interest at 115,719/month

The Main Clubhouse of Phuket Mansions is the first structure that you will see when you enter the main gate. The clubhouse will show the beauty of Thai architecture here in the country. High ceilings, a modern interpretation of the Thai pitched roof but without the ornamentation, and a white concrete door usher guests into this distinctly tropical experience. Tall anahaw trees, flanked by colorful bougainvilleas will direct residents and guests towards the clubhouse and create a stirring vista.

For more information Send Message to:              
Nelson D. Bayang at 0906 442 1185
bayangnelson76@gmail.com/ bayangnelson76@yahoo.com


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