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Unit 206 Lolo Berong Building
Nueno Avenue Poblacion 4D

Our primary goal is to continue being the best at what we do, and the most respected for what we have accomplished. We are committed to provide safe, quality and efficient services, to ensure customer satisfaction, to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with our partners in the business, to care for the environment we work in, to promote the growth of our people. We shall do so while acting in accordance with the highest standards of integrity that have always lent moral strength to the policies and principles of Top-Notch Construction. Despite our solid experience and high quality service, we still proud ourselves as the cheapest contractor around. We guarantee that, compared to all other established contractors in our area, we are the one offering the most competitive price. This is due to the following. Our organization is designed to handle multiple projects at the same time which trim down our overhead cost for each project. This also allows us to work on a lower profit margin for each project. We have our own supply store which gives us access to lower costs of materials. We create complete plans and programs before commencing the works, this reduced the number of possible errors and costly mistakes. We use detailed estimates for our proposals to ensure more accurate and lower cost. We adopt the most extensive value engineering strategies we learned form previous projects. We were able to reuse our temporary forms and facilities to a number of projects which diminished their equivalent cost for each projects.
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