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We care and understand children’s needs. We know how important play is to your little tykes. We recognize the joy play brings to them as they explore the wonders of their world around them. Play prepares your children for the world and makes them better, more balanced people. That is why we believe that they should have access to only the most durable and safest playground equipment. Therefore, we are committed to bring them the safest, most imaginative and most durable playground equipment available to ensure the best value for your most precious ones. In the end, the best play equipment is one that will help benefit your kids by molding them to be happy, healthy individuals. We have extensive experience in housing construction and land development. Through the years, OneGlobal has developed its own system of cost-effective methods of construction, technological use, and services. We offer premium services that include Project Management, Design Reviews, and CAD Consultations, among others, to boost collaboration and further assist builders and enable architects to build enjoyable communities. We have been in the selling and importing/exporting industry for 5 years of various heavy equipments, construction materials and now we are trying to introduce Park and Playground systems all over the country. We specialize in designing and customizing indoor, outdoor and water playground systems and Park amenities. We assure quality products and unique designs that suit the needs and preference of the clients.
This is the newest innovation of Parcourse type fitness equipment the PRO-BUILDER, that is truly designed for everyone’s use. An excellent avenue where a person get themselves in shape while enjoying the green environment in a unique and modern way to boost extra energy and having fun, all in one. PRO-BUILDER is manufactured to provide you with the most advanced, affordable, and longest lasting outdoor exercise apparatus. Whether you're young or old, fit or out of shape, you can use par course equipment to enhance your exercise routine. The Pro Builder equipment typically uses your own body weight for resistance, so you don't have to worry about adding or removing weight. Remember, staying fit all the time is really essential hence it does not only activate one’s happy hormones but it results to a younger, positive and beautiful YOU.
Park benches are set as seating places within public parks, and vary on the amount of people they can seat while at parks or in any other places cleanliness should always be observed through a proper disposal by the use of waste receptacles or now known as bins. At Pro-Park we wanted to ensure not just the quality but the enchanting masterpiece that will give tranquil and imperishable comfort plus adding exquisiteness and sophistication while resting.
At Pro Play, we try to see the world through the eyes of children at child’s eye height and we took the courage to accept children’s need for exploring and testing themselves and their surroundings through creative play. Our realistic theme play systems such as nature, animal, transport, indigenous culture, superheroes and new items will attract children to interact and play thus setting the stage for each child to be a STAR… Furthermore here at Pro-Play, our products are not just children but it is also environment friendly because the materials used are safe and does not emit harmful emissions. It is our dream to help the Children discover the world through PLAY.
A swimming pool is a delightful place to spend time, where people of all ages can enjoy together playing or simply splashing water at each other. Owning a swimming pool means more than just an investment in your backyard because it is where you can ultimately experience real fun, relaxation and enjoyment. It's something a person can enjoy alone, with a special someone, with friends or simply with family. Take note, a pool never gets old and doing something you enjoy will add fun-filled years to your life, not to mention an amazing number of extraordinary memories. Even most doctors nowadays recommend that spending time in a pool is a healthy choice and are great stress relievers. Whether you prefer swimming laps, doing aerobic exercises with weights designed for the pool environment or purely enjoying normal time in a pool, it is surely a magnificent way to get in the best and healthy shape of your life.
Rubber has a variety of inherent advantages that have made it an extremely popular flooring choice for commercial, high traffic environments. Now with a wide selection of colors, patterns, and textures available, this material is also finding its way into residential interior and exterior applications. A resilient floor for comfort, a great surface for areas where people must stand for long periods of time, Dimensionally stable, PVC Free, Sound absorbent, Static, water, heavy impact loads and slip resistant. Here at Pro-Save, there are already countless color and pattern options available when choosing rubber flooring tiles. We polished at its perfection with a soft matte finish that will blend and suits more naturally into the design of choice. We can also replicate marbling and random speck or can take on extremely bright, vibrant, neon tones to create loud and brash flooring design that fits your taste and need.
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